Predictive analytics, or in layman’s terms evaluating the data for predicting future outcomes and trends, is helping the real estate in more ways than one. From the optimum usage of the market data to a better understanding of the transactions, predictive analytics is a godsend for the real estate companies. Mark Dickson and Rich Swier, Jr., the visionary entrepreneurs and the founders of Offrs, understood the technological boom that was happening and used the predictive analytics technology and artificial intelligence in creating R.O.O.F, Real Estate Office Of The Future.

Furthermore, with the help of predictive analytics brokers/agents will be able to assess different parts of their business, including recruiting and expansion. However, still many have not realized the true importance of predictive analytics in the real estate world. Whether you are an agent or a real estate company, here are some benefits of predictive analytics in real estate.

  1. Listing prediction– As the name suggests, predictive analytics can help in predicting the listing in an area. Besides, as per the latest study, Amazon’s predictive recommendations has a success rate of at least 60% in some cases. Moreover, with the help of predictive analytics in the real estate business, agents will be able to find the best property deals for their clients.
  2. Home improvement ROI– Predictive analysis can help in analyzing and identifying all the necessary improvements and upgrades needed for the home. Besides, programs like R.O.O.F which combines the artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis for providing smart data to the estate agents.
  3. Effective marketing– One of the major benefits of using predictive analytics in the real estate market is that it will help in marketing. Besides, many companies like Offrs help the real estate agents by providing them a point and click marketing tool, which makes it easier for the agent to connect with the property owners.
  4. Enhanced identification of seller– Technologies like R.O.O.F and Offrs+, which uses predictive marketing algorithm, help in better identification of any potential sellers in the market. These programs have made it easier for connecting real estate agents with the sellers.
  5. Brokerage expansion– Predictive analysis can help in finding out everything from agent-to-buyer ratios to local turnover in different locations.

Predictive analytics has changed the game in terms of how real estate markets operate. Furthermore, companies like Offrs, with their groundbreaking Offrs+ and R.O.O.F programs, has helped in bringing out this technological change in the real estate business. If you are a real estate agent, do yourself a favor, and visit and schedule a demo with their consultant and give a boost to your real estate business.