Nobody understands real estate market better than a real estate agent or a broker. They know what a great business prospect this market has in store and how important it is to be ahead of time in the market. As a person of today, you do not need to be introduced to the technology but to become a person who has a plan for tomorrow, you need to be introduced to the advantages it has in store for real estate agents and brokers.

Offrs, which is a pioneering name in the realm of real estate, has introduced the best tool for real estate agents and brokers – R.O.O.F. Now, it is the time to answer the three important questions that must be coming to your mind.

Question #1. What is it?

It is an application based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which helps you to know about prospective clients before they even enter their property into listings for sale. It does not only end here. It further helps you to reach them through email marketing and online advertisement and campaign. The rest is on you, i.e., closing the deal.

Question #2. How does it work?

Offrs utilized the three major aspects on which the foundation of technology and digital world is laid – Data, Algorithm, and Action.

  • Data – Important and useful data is available all throughout the World Wide Web. In fact, you can even generate your own data. This is what Offrs did. They have their 250 data points, which they utilize as a datum to know about statistics and listings of property.
  • Algorithm – ROOF is based on the algorithm of predictive analysis. It predicts the homeowners who are going to list their properties next. It already provides successful outcomes, and with time, Offrs are working on the algorithm to provide better and accurate results.
  • Action – ROOF, taking a step further also does all email marketing and online advertisement on your behalf so that you do not loose on any potential client.

Question# 3. Why ROOF?

With more and more people entering into this business realm, it is becoming necessary to have a competitive edge for yourself. Roof is the app of the future, and it helps you to get that edge over others. What’s more? Offrs also provide exclusive access to their smart data and marketing platform to one real estate agent per territory.

So, hurry up and become a part of Offrs today!